Vaginal Ultrasound Uses


Pelvic ultrasound is used to evaluate the uterus and ovaries.  Your doctor may request that you have a pelvic ultrasound if you are having abnormal vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain, documenting early pregnancy, screening for ovarian cancer, or evaluating the cervix during pregnancy.  There can be other reasons as well. 

Pelvic pain may be a reason to call your doctor.

Ovarian cancer

Short cervix

Submucosal fibroid causing abnormal bleeding

IUD in the wrong place

Early pregnancy

Pelvic inflammatory disease

These are a few of the problems that can be diagnosed with ultrasound.  Ovarian cysts are another common reason for causing pelvic pain where ultrasound plays a role.  While vaginal ultrasound is the gold standard for looking at the uterus and ovaries, other ultrasound procedures may be used, including trans-labial ultrasound which involves placing the transducer against the labia.  This is most useful for looking at the cervix or helping to diagnose an imperforate hymen in young women. 

Transrectal ultrasound is primarily used to look at the prostate gland in men, but can also be used to evaluate the uterus and ovaries, especially if the uterus is retroverted (tilted). 



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