Vaginal Ultrasound Demonstration


How is a vaginal ultrasound performed?  After the technologist has scanned your uterus and ovaries through your abdomen, you will be asked to empty your bladder.  If you haven't already removed everything below your waist and put on a hospital gown, you will be asked to do that now.  Some facilities may ask you to undress completely because the technologist may want to image the area around your kidneys.  In any event, your privacy will be protected.

You may be asked to put on a backless hospital gown.

Once you are positioned in the stirrups or had a pillow or support placed under your bottom to prop you up, the technologist will ask you to place your knees apart.  The probe will be inserted and the technologist will take pictures of your uterus and ovaries, measuring each in three dimensions, and documenting any abnormalities.

After the images are obtained, the probe will be removed and the technologist will either let you get dressed and leave, or show the images to the radiologist.  This depends on the facility's procedure.  If the technologist says that the doctor must look at the pictures before you leave, don't be alarmed.

A demonstration of a transvaginal ultrasound.

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Most facilities will not allow the technologist to discuss the findings with you.  This is because the radiologist needs to dictate a report and send it to the doctor that ordered the study.  Do not be alarmed by this or assume that it means something abnormal has been discovered.


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